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Outdoor Learning

Annie is passionate about ‘being outdoors’ and is always looking for an opportunity to take her students to work outside.

As well as running her workshops in The Green Room at her home she visits schools offering ceramic sculpture workshops to all ages.

The Tangled Trail at the Elham Valley Line Trust is also one of Annie’s projects displaying eighteen sculptures depicting different native creatures which form a sculpture hunt.There is also a giant jigsaw involving images of all the sculptures.
She also works with biologist Dr. Clive Nuttman delivering art combined with science projects.
Annie loves designing educational visual resources for young people and she has produced some exciting ‘games’ and activities with the guidance of Clive’s specialised knowledge.

For further information about workshops or to discuss bespoke visual resources please contact Annie or Clive.

clivenuttman@outlook.com www.biologymatters.co.uk
07913 347467

Outdoor Learning