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I am holding one day workshops during the Summer on request, so if you are thinking of booking a creative day - painting or ceramic sculpture - please do it soon as l do get fairly booked up.

Workshops can be for up to six people. Workshop time is £35 per hour plus £5 per person for materials and firing.

Minimum of two hours.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email me-


Telephone 01303 840665

All the work Annie produces is unique so it can be the perfect answer to buying something special for someone who doesn’t need anything.

Annie loves to give presents herself and however modest the gift ­ a bunch of organic carrots, a bottle of homemade Elderbegley Wine or a box of free range eggs ­ each gift is adorned with her favourite purple ribbon.

Each canvas or ceramic piece is packaged with copious amounts of tape to delay the moment of opening and lavishly decorated with yards of ribbon to add that final touch before leaving The Green Room (Annie’s Studio). Annie has been known to camouflage a canvas inside a washing machine box & played Father Xmas one year delivering a large wrapped canvas to someone’s doorstep on Christmas morning.

Her ultimate aim is to produce something personal each time she receives a commission and values the interaction of ideas as the work progresses. This ensures complete satisfaction on both sides.

Annie aims to plan ahead so that work doesn’t have to be rushed to meet important deadlines such as birthdays or anniversaries and encourages her regular clients to do the same.

Some of her paintings at the moment have Christmas cards in mind even though summer has only just begun. If you are searching for something different and need some ideas ­ contact Annie & “chew it over together”.

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Annie’s work is done mainly on a commission basis This means that she can meet the specific requirements of each individual client.

However there are some examples on the site which are for sale and can be purchased on line.

By design each painting and ceramic piece is unique so everything leaving Annie’s studio can never be repeated. Anything you find on the website can be the foundation to creating another exclusive art work.

Annie’s aim is to feel confident that every customer has been involved in the development of each piece of work. Therefore each assignment does need some time to complete so she does require a suitable amount of notice in order to meet any specific deadlines.

Anyone wishing to share a commissioned image with others can also order prints and cards. The cards can be produced with inserts conveying any chosen message or greeting . .


For all enquires please
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so that a suitable time can be arranged for either a meeting or a discussion on the telephone.

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